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Morgan has stated that her magic career owes a lot to early inspiration drawn from seeing Dorothy Dietrich perform on television. After an education in theatre and graphic arts, Morgan worked in a touring magic show and then in a professional theatre. In addition to performing and stage managing at the theater she learned to direct and was the resident graphic artist. In 1994, she was chosen to study at the Jim Henson Studios in New York. The same year she met Bundy and later became his magic partner. She then developed an escape-based act in her own right whilst continuing her successful involvement in Bundy's productions. Her signature challenge is the Table of Death.

She has appeared on national network television in the US and for three years in succession she was invited to star in the annual Hong Kong Magic Festival. She received the title "Best escape artist" at the internationally televised “World Magic Awards” hosted by Robert Wagner and Jill St. John on 10, October 2009. The event included a performance by Morgan of the Table of Death.

In print, Morgan contributed to the book The Escape Biz: Volume 2 by Steve Baker and Dean Carnegie. Her cartoon series, Grand Delusions was a long time staple in “Magic” magazine. Additional work was published in “The Art of Deceptions” by Chuck Romano.

Morgan has been called “A hurricane in handcuffs”, “Houdini in high heels” she is “The quintessential liberated woman”. Recipient of the World Magic Award’s Escape Artist of the year. Recipient of the Melbourne Christoper award in 2016. One of the most prestigious international awards in Magic. Morgan has appeared on National television and performed throughout the United States. Internationally she headlined the Hong Kong Festival of Magic three times. Morgan can also be seen as herself in Paramount Pictures
2010 feature film, "Morning Glory".

From strait jackets to death-defying underwater challenges, and every handcuff in-between, Morgan shatters the mold of macho escapology with unmistakable feminine appeal.
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