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Houdini in Heels
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Morgan, The Escapist, is offering her unique, and inspiring theatrical performance, "Houdini in Heels", to your stage. Morgan, World Magic Award winning Best Escape Artist, covers the gambit of Houdini-esque challenges in her own unmistakable style. The audience will experience the art of escape in a totally immersive and theatrical manner, as they become an important, interactive, part of the show.

Morgan is called "The Quintessential Liberated Woman", and she will prove it with handcuff challenges, rope ties and even an attempt to escape from a straitjacket. Mystery, intrigue, danger, and touch of magic create a thrilling show for the whole family.

Houdini in Heels is offered in 30, 60 and 75 minute formats.
Houdini in Heels
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